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Name Anaconda Copper Mining Company

Associated Records

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Parrot Mine Shops

This CD contains historic photographs of the Parrot Mine Shops and modern photographs of the Parrot Mine Shops taken in 2005 as part of the application for the National Historic Landmark District nomination.

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Butte Metal Trades Union - Butte Metal Trades Union

This collection contains agreements, negotiation packets, minutes, correspondence and membership lists for all metal trades in the tri-city area that negotiated with the ACM. The Tri Cities were-Butte, Anaconda and Great Falls, the metal trades that are members of the Butte Metal Trades Union are: International Association of Bridge, Structural & Ornamental Ironworkers; International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers, and Helpers; International Association of Sheet Metal workers; International Molders and Allied Workers Union; Pattern Makers League of North America; United Association of Journeymen plumbers & Steamfitters and Lead Burners Union; United Br

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Clair Norton Jones - Clair Norton Jones

This collection consists of personal papers of Clair Norton Jones.

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Manuel & Denise Martinez

This collection consists of personal bills and correspondence of Manuel and Denise Martinez for the year 1976.

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Gordon Evans Collection

This collection contains one ACM Employees Club Card.

Image of Burke, Leo - Burke, Leo Collection

Burke, Leo - Burke, Leo Collection

This collection contains publications relating to the Anaconda Copper Mining Company, labor material, copies of the pink reporter, mining, information on Curling Club, election returns of 1932, and 2 photos of soldiers.

Image of Anaconda C. E. Weed Concentrator

Anaconda C. E. Weed Concentrator

This collection contains one copy of C. G. Palagi and S. S. Stiller, The Anaconda C. E. Weed Concentrator.

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Anaconda Copper Mining Company Lost No Time/Lost Time Injury Reports

This collection contains forms completed to report Lost No Time Accidents and Lost Time Injuries at mining properties owned by the Anaconda Copper Mining Company and at Butte Water Company facilities when the water company was owned by the Anaconda Copper Mining Company. The forms provide the name, home address, occupation, employee number, age, and marital status of the injured employee, the date and nature of the injury, the facility at which the accident occured, names of supervisors at the facility, names of witnesses or partners, cause of the accident as determined by the safety inspector, and treatment received. An alphabetical list of employee names is available at the Archives.

Image of O'Hara Collection

O'Hara Collection

This collection contains school-related scrapbook and photographs.

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Dorothy & Neil Duddy

This collection contains booklets, American Legislation Reviews, correspondence, Montana State Federation of Labor Year Book (1951), and material related to the Butte Teachers Union.

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Operating Engineers ACM

This collection contains dues books, manuscripts, and agreements for the Operating Engineers of ACM.

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The Anode

The Anode is a monthly publication that was published by the Bureau of Safety of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company. The Anode collection covers the years 1915 to 1942. Each issue contains accident statistics, safety tips, and human interest articles. [See Notes for a list of holdings.]

Image of Charles C. Goddard, Jr. Collection

Charles C. Goddard, Jr. Collection

This collection consists of reports, correspondence, & photos re: the Geology Department at the ACM.

Image of Mining Business Ephemera

Mining Business Ephemera

Mining-related companies: This collection consists of sales announcements, tickets, financial information, letterhead, business ads, pamphlets, correspondence, etc.

Image of Robert McCarthy Collection

Robert McCarthy Collection

This collection contains three journals from the Anaconda Copper Mining Company Geological Department dated 1907, 1919, and 1920.

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Matt Casick

This collection consists of items pertaining to the Boilermakers Union Local #130. The Boilermakers #130 were the shop union for the ACM.

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Anaconda Mining Company - Steward Mine Yard

The collection of records consists of underground maps, blueprints, contract documents, work schedules, ore grade and analysis sheets and reports, equipment specifications and other related documents. This collection is restricted due to the presence of mold. Users must wear protective gear to view the collection

Image of Allen Hooper - Allen Hooper

Allen Hooper - Allen Hooper

This collection consists of misc. ephemera regarding Butte, mining, ACM, school misc., a magazine, and also a large framed picture of a student miner training underground. This collection also has Accession Numbers as follows: 1998.045; 1998.049. It is also related to collection OC014.

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Anaconda Copper Mining Company - Harris A. Neil Collection

This collection contains one stock certificate from The Anaconda Company for 100 shares for Wayne Hummer & Co.

Image of Martin K. Hannifan Collection

Martin K. Hannifan Collection

This collection contains manuscripts, photographs, volumes, and audio and video tapes, all pertaining to the Anaconda Copper Mining Company dating 1946 to 1979. The mining information primarily deals with the Berkeley Pit, Kelley Mine, Leonard Mine, Steward Mine, production, costs, labor, mining technology, underground mining, and open pit mining.